Transforming information delivery & engagement through interactive kiosks and applications.

Driven by strategy, innovation, and collaboration.

We thrive on creating viable, clever solutions to your challenges.

Serving the technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, publishing, non-profit and most other industries.

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Sales/Partner information management for the technology and manufacturing sectors

We have a number of customizable solutions for B2B clients enabling centralized, fast and flexible content information management across several platforms.

Videos, podcasts, PDF, DOC, PPT, training, events, analytics, and more.

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Consulting and program development resources

Looking for an independent resource to compliment your internal team?

Alternative Productions offers consulting, development and project management services to help you plan your strategy, compliment your dev team and/or help solve your problems.

From specification development, scheduling and delivery management to google analytics, code help and CRM integration, we have the experience you're looking for!

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What do our clients say...

Charles Lee, President International Data Group (IDG) /

“Over the past 10 years AP has been a reliable and trusted partner for our business.  The team there has helped us bring many new concepts and innovative capabilities to life and their creativity, responsiveness and attention to detail is incredible.  We always feel like their biggest and most important customer.”

Alexandra Blondel Sr. Marketing Manager, Online Medical Products / McGraw Hill Professional

“Alternative Productions has been my go-to resource for excellent video, animation, and technical work for years. My roles may have changed over time, but my faith that Matt and his team will deliver something that beats my expectations every time has not.”

George J. Scotti, Director of Marketing, itslearning / itslearning

“I have been working with Alternative Productions for over 15 years. They have been a great partner in marketing strategy and execution.  They have never let me down once and have become my go to vendor!”

Jason Marcakis, Vice President – Global Institutional and Trade Marketing / itslearning

“Alternative Productions is truly one of a kind. Regardless, of your digital marketing needs, the team is committed to providing creative customized solutions that go above and beyond expectations.”

Natasha Sandoval, Manager, Thought Leadership and EMEA CxO Programs / HP Enterprise Services

“Very few people would appreciate the amount of effort we’ve put in discussing every nut and bolt on the new site … It was my great pleasure to be working with you on this project!”

Morris Barrett, Senior Director of Customer Success, IDG Strategic Marketing Services / IDG

“For over ten years, Alternative Productions has been one of IDG Strategic Marketing Services’ top choices for digital development, consistently delivering top-quality work on time and on budget. The Altprods team is flexible and nimble, time and again exemplifying a can-do attitude matched with the expertise to get the job done. An invaluable partner!”

Ryan Farsai, Sr. Manager, Brand and Marketing Communications /

“Alternative Productions has been a vital partner in our mobile and interactive development projects. Their creativity and attention to detail is second to none. They always find a way to deliver what we need, whether it’s the latest industry technology or tight deadlines. They are truly a pleasure to work with.”

Services & Process

We base our methodology on a modified versions of the AGILE software development cycle – true, tested and proven to succeed.

WordPress, XCode, Eclipse, Unity, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, SAP, Google Analytics

Notable Projects